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WAGO 2773-406 Compact Pushwire Connector


WAGO 2773-406 Compact Pushwire Connector For Solid and Stranded Conductors, max. 12 AWG, 6-Conductor, Transparent Housing, Gray Cover

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WAGO 2773-406 Compact Pushwire Connector for solid and stranded conductors for electrical installations allow solid, stranded and fine-stranded wires to be connected. Thanks to their flat and compact design, these connectors are ideal for wiring in flush-mount switch boxes.

  • Strip solid or stranded conductor to 13 mm (0.51 inch).
  • The transparent housing shows if conductors are fully inserted; within the colored base, a clear port shows if the conductor’s strip length is correct.
    Conductors are correctly stripped if the clear port shows no bare conductor on the unprinted connector side. Picture shows center conductor with exceeded strip length.
  • Termination: Insert the stripped conductor until it hits the backstop.
  • Removal: Hold solid conductor to be removed and twist alternately left and right while pulling the connector.
  • Solid conductors are inserted into the connector by simply pushing them in.
  • Stranded conductors are inserted into the connector by simply pushing them in.
  • Testing via test port opposite to conductor entry.

Advantages for WAGO 2773-406 PUSH WIRE:

  • Convenient wiring via extremely compact design
  • PUSH WIRE® connection terminates up to eight solid and stranded conductors
  • Conductor range: 20 … 12 AWG Solid and 18 … 12AWG Stranded
  • Any combination of conductor sizes is possible

WAGO 2773-406 Compact Pushwire Connector Data Sheet

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Product Range:

2773 Series

No. of Positions:

6 Positions

No. of Contacts:

6 Contacts

Wire Size (AWG):

20AWG to 12 AWG

Connector Type:

Terminal Block

Conductor Area CSA:


Wire Connection Method:

Push In

Wire Size AWG Max:


Wire Size AWG Min:


Rated Current:


Rated Voltage:


Contact Plating:

Tin Plated Contacts

Contact Material:


Solid conductor

0.75 … 4 mm² / 20 … 12 AWG

Stranded conductor

1.5 … 4 mm² / 18 … 12 AWG

Conductor diameter

1.6 … 2 mm / 20 … 12 AWG

Strip length

13 mm / 0.51 inches

Wiring direction

Side-entry wiring


16.4 mm / 0.646 inches


11.3 mm / 0.445 inches


18.6 mm / 0.732 inches


2.6 g



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