Top 5 Best Panasonic Bathroom Fans in 2022

Have just a moment, see our picks for the top 5 Panasonic bathroom fans! Learn more about each pick’s specifics and frequently asked questions by continuing to read.

Panasonic WhisperFitEZ Bathroom Ventilation Fan (FV-0511VF1)

Panasonic WhisperWarm Bathroom Ventilation Fan (FV-0511VH1)

Panasonic WhisperSense Bathroom Ventilation Fan (FV-0511VQC1)

Panasonic WhisperGreen Bathroom Ventilation Fan (FV-05-11VKL2)

Panasonic WhisperValue Bathroom Ventilation Fan (FV-0510VS1)

How Efficient are Panasonic Bathroom Fans?


Panasonic’s exhaust fans use premium ECM (electrically commutated motor) motors, which consume less energy yet produce more air.

Four pole AC and DC motors make up these fan motors. Since they have four poles, they operate more smoothly and efficiently than regular bathroom fans.

And naturally, this leads to higher energy efficiency and quieter exhaust fans that use a lot less energy over the course of a year.


What Is The Energy Cost To Run A Panasonic Bathroom Fan?


There is a straightforward calculation you can do to determine the cost to operate your Panasonic fan over the course of a year.

Find out the bathroom ventilation fan’s wattage first. The WhisperFitEZ, for instance, uses roughly 25 watts. As a point of reference, the earlier Broan 671 bathroom fan consumes 250 watts, which is ten times more energy.

A conversion of 25 watts to kWh yields a daily energy use of 0.6 kWh. It uses 219 kWh in a year (365 days multiplied by 0.6 kWh).

In the USA, a kilowatt hour costs on average roughly 12 cents. Thus, 219 kWh times $0.12 equals $26.

In essence, you will spend about $26 if you use your WhisperFitEZ constantly for an entire year, and by no means would the majority of homes leave their fan on constantly.

What Is SmartFlow Technology?


Since Panasonic motors are ECM, they may instantly change their speed to achieve the desired CFM.

Bathroom fans, especially Panasonic vent fans with SmartFlow technology, will turn on automatically when they detect static pressure. Therefore, if your duct system has a few twists, you won’t have to worry about not reaching your desired CFM because the fan will automatically increase its speed.


How Quiet Are Panasonic Bathroom Exhaust Fans?


The majority of Panasonic bathroom fans have a sound rating of 1.0 sone or less, which indicates that they are extremely quiet.

Additionally, Panasonic enjoys using bigger blower wheels because they can flow more air at faster RPMs while producing less noise. In general, a smaller blower wheel will move less air (at a lower RPM) and make a lot more noise.

On the market, Panasonic offers some of the quietest bathroom fans.




Ventilation fan noise is measured in sones. In general, the bathroom vent fan is quieter the lower the sones. I would consider anything rated as 1.0 sone or less to be very quiet. Most homes have a bathroom fan that is very noisy and in the 4.0 sone range.

Noise Complaints


To be honest, one of the most common complaints in the market is from homeowners about noisy bathroom fans, and Panasonic fans aren’t exempt. Unfortunately, noise levels can also be increased by things other than fans.

Panasonic tests the noise levels of their exhaust fans in optimum conditions. Therefore, if you have a 3-inch duct instead of the 4-inch duct that Panasonic employs and advises using, your noise will be louder due to the higher resistance.

Additionally, since the vent duct could not even be connected inside the wall, you shouldn’t presume that the bathroom fan is truly sucking air out of the building. By turning on the fan and observing air flow at the outer cover, you can confirm air flow.

Additionally, noise levels might rise with each duct turn and length of the run. The amount of noise will increase if your duct is 30 feet long and has three 90-degree turns.

The most crucial aspect of achieving the specified Panasonic sone rating is matching the recommended duct size, which is often either 4-inch or 6-inch.


What is a Panasonic


If put properly, Panasonic bathroom vent fans are premium exhaust fans made to get rid of moisture and unpleasant aromas from your bathroom.

Panasonic offers a variety of sizes and features for their exhaust fans.

The majority of the CFM (the measurement of fan speed) falls between 50 and 110 cfm. I advise purchasing a fan whose speed is at least 50 cfm. Here is a link to my comprehensive article on bathroom fan sizing.


What Are The Best Panasonic Bathroom Fans According to us?


1. Panasonic WhisperFitEZ (FV-0511VF1)Bathroom Fan:


The WhisperFitEZ by Panasonic is our choice for the finest bathroom vent fan.


With the WhisperFitEZ, you may select between 80 and 110 cfm. You can rapidly switch to 110-cfm by just flipping a button on the housing if 80-cfm isn’t powerful enough for you. Additionally, because of its low profile, it is excellent for remodelling or tight ceiling cavities.

A Flex-Z Fast installation bracket is included with the WhisperFitEZ, which should make installation simpler. The sound rating of the Panasonic motor is only 0.3 sones, which is incredibly low.

Pros: Cons:
  • Turn on the 80- or 110-cfm Flex-Z fan. 
  • Bracket that instals quickly
  • Only 0.3 sones of quiet
  • Complaints of noise levels exceeding expectations
  • Bad directions


2. Panasonic WhisperWarm (FV-0511VH1) Bathroom Fan:Panasonic FV-0511VH1 WhisperWarm DC Ceiling Fan


The Panasonic WhisperWarm is a high-end bathroom heater and combined fan.

On chilly mornings, the 1600-watt heater’s stainless steel-sheathed heating element will swiftly warm up your bathroom.

With this fan’s “Pick a Flow” technology from Panasonic, you may select a flow rate of 50, 80, or 110 cfm.

The sound rating is only 0.7 sones, and the 110-cfm fan speed is adequate for most restrooms.

Pros: Cons:
  • Heating element with a 1600 watts
  • Quiet at 0.7 sones
  • Electronic Control Motor
  • Select a 50, 80, or 110 cfm.
  • Complaints of noise levels exceeding expectations
  • More time-consuming than infrared heat lamps.

3. Panasonic WhisperSense (FV-0511VQC1) Bathroom Fan:Panasonic FV-0511VQC1 WhisperSense DC Ventilation Fan


The Panasonic WhisperSense is a high-end bathroom fan with a humidity sensor.

When the moisture level reaches your desired level, the humidity sensor will turn on the bathroom fan. It will switch off when the humidity level decreases.

There is a motion sensor in addition to a humidity sensor, and you may choose to utilise it to control whether the fan is on or off based on movement. This fan’s cfm may be selected from 50, 80, or 100 cfm using a little switch located beneath the cover.

Pros: Cons:
  • Motion sensor 
  • Humidity sensor
  • Choose your cfm (50, 80, or 110)
  • Quiet at 0.3 sone
  • Only intended for 4″ or 6″ conduit (need reducer for 3″)
  • If the motion sensor is not pointed properly, it may be too sensitive.

4. Panasonic WhisperGreen (FV-05-11VKL2) Bathroom Fan:Panasonic FV-0511VKL2 WhisperGreen Select Fan


The Panasonic WhisperGreen is a premium bathroom fan with an LED light.

The LED light is a dimmable 10-watt LED chip panel. In order to have a warm glow in the evening, it also comes with a 1-watt LED nightlight.

Additionally, a switch inside the housing lets you choose between 80 and 110 cfm.

The whisper in its name refers to how quiet this fan is—0.3 sones.

Pros: Cons:
  • 1-watt LED chip panel nightlight
  • Quiet at 0.3 sone
  • Choose 80 or 110 CFM.
  • LED chip panels are not as simply changed as bulbs.

5. Panasonic WhisperValue (FV-0510VS1) Bathroom Fan:


The Panasonic WhisperValue is a fantastic, cost-effective bathroom fan. It’s low profile makes it equally compatible with 2×4 construction (minimal thickness).

By just flipping a switch on the housing, you may choose between 50, 80, or 100 CFM for the fan speed on this unit.

The ECM high-quality motor should last longer because it uses SmartFlow technology to adjust the fan speed.

In a new building, an L-shaped bracket makes installation simpler.

Pros: Cons:
  • Low profile 
  • L-shaped install bracket
  • Pick 50, 80, or 100 cfm
  • If not, a 4″ duct adaptor is required.

Conclusion (our top choice):


The WhisperFitEZ is our top selection for the best Panasonic bathroom fan. Here is why.


#1. Pick A Flow

With the WhisperFitEZ, you may choose between 80-cfm and 110-cfm by just flipping a little switch (after removing the cover). The majority of other bathroom fans lack this feature.


#2. Low Profile

Due to its low profile, this fan ought to be simpler to install in your ceiling or wall. In essence, the housing is substantially thinner than a typical fan.


#3. Quality Motor

The high-quality and effective Panasonic motor will increase the lifespan of your bathroom fan.


#4. Quiet

This bathroom fan is incredibly silent, with a rating of only 0.3 sone.

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