New Age Canada is a Distributor/Dealer/Reseller of Dripless Products. About 16 years ago, we were talking with our engineer about the future of caulking (I know, kind of strange…) and the subject of the stone-age nature of the current caulking gun selection came up. It seemed to us that the sealant/adhesive industry had moved ahead in so many ways, but tool design had been left behind. An idea was born to modernize the caulking gun.
We had some simple goals: design a caulking gun that was efficient, durable, functional and lightweight. Finally, after many prototypes, trials, and false starts, the ErgoTech Series of caulking guns was brought to life!
Lightweight, tough, and trouble-free, the ETS guns solve problems instead of creating them. What a refreshing change of pace doing a job that can be a real mess!


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