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Arlington DBHR1WGC Low Profile InBox with Grounding Clip


Arlington DBHR1WGC Low Profile InBox with Grounding Clip for flat surface retrofit construction – With weather proof while in use Extra Duty clear cover – Horizontal

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Arlington DBHR1WGC Low Profile InBox with Grounding Clip for flat surface retrofit construction – With weather proof while in use Extra Duty clear cover – Horizontal

With IN BOX™ there are no extra parts
to purchase or handle. You’ll save big
on labor and materials.
One-piece IN BOX, the recessed
electrical box for exterior use,
eliminates installing multiple pieces –
an electrical box, bubble cover
assembly and a siding block on siding.
And the job looks great because
IN BOX installs in the wall – so less
shows outside. It’s that simple.
Cost savings. Time savings.
A great-looking job. Get it all in
Arlington’s one-piece IN BOX!
• Non-metallic, 22.0 cu. inch electrical
box with extra-duty weatherproofwhile-in-use clear or white cover
• Single and two-gang,
vertical and
for a variety
of applications
• For new and old work
• Accepts single-gang devices –
no gaskets required

• IN BOX’s one piece assembly
replaces the installation of an
electrical box and bubble
cover assembly
• Use the retrofit IN BOX on plywood,
T-111, and other flat surfaces
• Install option: Cover is removable
for easier device installation
• Installs in the wall, so less of it
shows outside
• No gaskets required
• Weatherproof in use
• Extra duty

Arlington DBHR1WGC Low Profile InBox with Grounding Clip INCLUDES

Box with extra duty weatherproof
in use; installed bug plugs; (1)
standard duplex and (1) standard
GFCI face plate; (1) set installation
screws; (1) NM cable connector;
and (1) roll of caulk.

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